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1. Graphology:

1. Graphology Solutions:

We provide solutions and consultancy services to those who seek our help in terms of analyzing the handwriting of a person at a personal level or at a corporate level.

For Corporates, we provide analysis for:

          • Employee Hiring
          • Employee Promotions
          • Downsizing & Firing
          • Compatibility Issues

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    On a personal level, we provide analysis for:

          • Self Understanding
          • Husband/Wife Compatibility
          • Interrogation
          • Business Partner Compatibility
          • Career Guidance
          • Informative Guide for counselors
          • Detecting Unreliability
          • Improving Interpersonal Relations
          • Student Evaluations
          • Reflect Change and Growth (from year to year)
          • Better Understanding Your Child, Parent, In-Law, etc.
          • Negotiating Tool
          • As a Unique Gift for someone beloved

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2. Graphology Learning

Introductory Seminar:
We give you an introductory seminar on the basics of Graphology so that you can find answers to your doubts regarding the subject and its scope.

The seminar is held at least once a month in primarily in Bangalore. Depending on the number of applicants and the location of the applicants to attend the seminar, it is scheduled on a need to basis.

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Basic Workshop and Training:
Our workshop-training program is a perfect way to become familiar with the fascinating science of handwriting analysis. We teach 170+ traits over a period of 20 hours. This training gives a person an insight into oneself and on a basic level can “read” other peoples writing as well.

At the end of this workshop, the students undergo an online examination and upon successful completion, will receive an internationally acclaimed certificate from GSI (Graphology School of India).

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2. Handwriting Improvement:

1. Handwriting Development Program:

There has been a lot of requirement for handwriting improvement for working professionals and students in the recent past, the reason being that more and more people are realizing the weightage and importance handwriting plays in impressing people at the place of work or for students to procure more marks in their exams.

To cater to these growing demands we provide handwriting improvement as a workshop for schools and corporates. We have tailor made programs for corporates and for schools.

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