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It is just not enough for a student to have a legible and beautiful handwriting. The handwriting is put to test during a crunch situation such as a school test or an exam. To be able to continue writing legibly and to maintain a constant speed and finally to be able to finish a given examination paper within the allotted time is the real test of the handwriting.

A person slow in writing has been found to have poor mind-motor coordination, which creates problems in letter formation, shaping letters, ill formed upper and lower cases and finally affects one’s ability to remember spellings.
The speed of writing once improved is scientifically proven to stay good throughout ones life hence it is important in everyone’s life, whether a student or a professional. It enables the student to compose correct spellings and quality content hence the ability to express their knowledge about varied subjects at scope. It has been proven in various studies that speed in writing adds to one's ability to think and also play a vital role in grasping the language and its vocabulary.

Our scientifically proven and field tested teaching techniques ensure a good and consistent writing speed without any negative impact on the legibility of handwriting.


  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Scientifically designed course material.
  • Individualized training
  • Legible and captivating handwriting with enhanced speed.
  • Certified and trained, student friendly faculties.
  • Prerequisite: Handwriting Improvement Program.
“Write not thinking about the time you have left to spare, write at the speed you can think.” – Shravan Yalmoor


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