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As many may already know, a person’s handwriting is not merely the way he/she writes, but also says a lot about him/her. A person’s personality is being projected through his/her writing.

More often than not, people perceive a person with a bad handwriting to be careless, lazy, untidy, etc. Though the person may not be that way. This is mostly found in school children. The teachers think of the child to have negative traits if the handwriting is illegible and bad. It may even be the case that the child is very intelligent and wise but the handwriting being illegible, the child is dismissed as dumb and unwise. Because of the way the child is treated, it eventually hurts the child on a psychological level as well. Beware, this does not apply to school going children alone, but happens to the adults as well.

We want every student we receive at the school, to attain the art of perfect penmanship. Here at HSI we have adopted scientific methodologies that have been developed over the years by a team of experts who have immense knowledge about Handwriting and Handwriting analysis. Through thorough Grapho-analysis, our experts have come out with the best course material anyone can offer, exclusively for you.

We start to teach our students from the basics such as correcting the strokes of slants and curves. We slowly advance technique-by-technique and step-by-step until the student has mastered writing complete paragraphs in uppercase and in lowercase.

This course not only helps our students improve their writing, but also equip them with value added benefits to improve their vocabulary, spelling formation and spelling correction. We also provide school going students, techniques to concentrate long hours while writing continuously during tests and exams with the same handwriting. Having a good handwriting and not knowing what to write in an exam is futile, hence we also provide techniques to improve the memory power and retention capacity of the student. By adding value to the handwriting course we ensure not only the improvement to the students handwriting, but an all-round edge over other students.

We have classroom tutoring for handwriting improvement and also tutoring at home. Depending on the location of the student and the number of students enrolling from that locality at a given point of time, our highly trained instructors can tutor you right at your house.


  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Scientifically designed course material.
  • Individualized training.
  • Legible and captivating handwriting.
  • Memory Power, Retention capacity and Concentration.
  • Certified and trained, student friendly faculties.
  • Prerequisite: Handwriting Improvement Program.
  • Tutoring at your convenient place: HSI development center or your Home.

“Let every young man and woman be warned by my example, and understand that good handwriting is a necessary part of education.” – M. K. Gandhi


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